Sticky Shop store stickers extra strips



Sticky Shop store stickers extra strips

In an instant you can transform a cupboard, table, ….into the ultimate playground for small traders!
Get started with the stickers and create a store super fast.
Use a variety of parts to create a complete store.
Guaranteed hours of fun!

With this sticker you can create an extra shelf in no time.
If you stick them with the shop, your child can add even more products to his/her shop and play with them. But you can also stick them on another table or cupboard for an extra store. Create even more possibilities by adding extra shelves to the shop.

The stickers are very easy to apply and suitable for on various smooth surfaces.
Important: Click here for a video with sticky instructions.
For more information, read the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) HERE

Information Sticky Shop store stickers extra strips:
The strips are 1 meter long and easy to cut to size.

Price is per strip and is only delivered in black.

We design all our (wall) stickers ourselves.
Isn’t your desired design part of it?
Would you rather have bigger or smaller stickers?
Please contact us and we will make it all to your liking!