Sticky Shop store stickers vegetable shop


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Sticky Shop store stickers vegetable shop

In an instant you can transform a cupboard, table, ….into the ultimate playground for small traders!
Get started with the stickers and create a store super fast.
Use a variety of parts to create a complete store.
Guaranteed hours of fun!

With this sticker you can create a vegetable shop in no time.
If you stick them on a box, the baby can put the vegetable in and play with it. But you can also stick them on the table or cabinet.

The stickers are very easy to apply and suitable for on various smooth surfaces.

The Sticky Shop store stickers vegetable shop consists of these parts:
– 1m long strip to make a shelf
– 2x leeks
– 1x broccoli
– 2x paprika
– 3x tomatoes
– 3x carrots
– 1x cauliflower
– 9x beans

The stickers come with application tape.
Important: Click here for a video with sticky instructions.

For a complete color overview, see the product images.
Watch out! It may be that your display does not show exactly the right color.. Want to make sure you’re ordering the right color? Then buy the colour swatch HERE and receive the purchase amount as a discount back on your next order.

We design all our (wall) stickers ourselves.
Isn’t your desired design part of it?
Would you rather have bigger or smaller stickers?
Please contact us and we will make it all to your liking!

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