Sticky Roads XL loose road parts


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Sticky Roads XL loose road parts

Forget the little Sticky Roads. Do you really want to make a statement? Then opt for the XL Sticky Roads. These Sticky Roads are no less than 4x larger than the small Roads.
In an instant you can conjure up the wall, the floor, the dining table….. to become the ultimate playground for tough guys and girls!
Build a road network and complete it with houses, trees or vehicles, for example.
Guaranteed hours of fun!

The dimensions of a road section are 8x29cm
In this set sticky roads XL loose parts there are 7 road parts and they have the total length of 2m.

Shipping method: envelope mail (€2,95)
The stickers are very easy to apply and suitable for on different surfaces such as walls (painted or wallpapered), glass, paper, wood, etc.
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