Rainbow stickers 2 in 1 (various colors)



Rainbow stickers 2 in 1 (various colors)

With these stickers you can complete the gift or an envelope in no time.

This set of Rainbow stickers 2 in 1 (various colors) consists of a total of 20 stickers
10x round with the rainbow
10x small rainbows (these were in the round)

Stick the round first.
Then you grab a piece of paint step, which you put on the rainbow.
You rub the paint step a little.
Then remove the bottom of the sticker, the rainbow sticks to the tape.
Then stick the rainbow on the surface and carefully remove the paint step.
The rainbow now sticks to the surface.

Click HERE for the overview of all our colors. Watch out! It may be that your display does not show exactly the right color.. Want to make sure you order the right color? Then buy the color swatch HERE and receive the purchase amount as a discount on your next order.

We design all (wall) stickers ourselves.

Isn’t the design you want?
Would you rather have bigger or smaller stickers?
Do you have another question?
Please contact us and we will make it all to your liking!

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