Growth meter (wall) sticker with dinosaurs


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Growth meter (wall) sticker with dinosaurs

Do you want to create a great result quickly? Then get started with these growth meter stickers.
In an instant, you’ve turned that one boring wall or a wooden board into a growth meter.
A nice addition to any nursery.
The stickers are very easy to apply, follow the step by step directions in this video.
The stickers are suitable for all smooth surfaces such as walls (painted or wallpaper), glass, paper, wood.
For more information, read the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) HERE

This set of Growth Meter (wall) sticker with dinosaurs consists of:
– 1x growth meter with the measuring length of 50cm to 150cm (i.e. 1 metre long) black.
– 6 dinosaurs and paw prints in colour of your choice (choice of 30 colours see: choice bar ‘sticker colour’).

The sticker comes with application tape for easy application on the surface.

The growth meters are available in all 30 colours, including silver and gold, one colour stickers per growth meter.
Our stickers come in matte sticker material. Do you want shiny? Let us know!

Click HERE for the overview of all our colors. Watch out! It may be that your display does not show exactly the right color.. Want to make sure you order the right color? Then buy the color swatch HERE and receive the purchase amount as a discount on your next order.

We design all (wall) stickers ourselves.

Isn’t the design you want?
Would you rather have bigger or smaller stickers?
Do you have another question?
Please contact us and we will make it to your liking

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