Express train extension set for Sticky Rails (wall) stickers




Express train extension set for Sticky Rails (wall) stickers

In an instant you conjure the wall, the table, the floor, ….. to become the ultimate playground for tough guys and girls!
Build a train network and complete it with, for example, road parts, cottages, trees, vehicles, castle walls.
Guaranteed hours of fun!

The stickers are very easy to apply and suitable for on different surfaces such as walls (painted or wallpapered), glass, paper, wood, etc.

This expansion set consists of 4 parts:
– 2x cab (front/back)
– 2x passenger car

The sets are available in 30 colours, also in silver and gold, 1 color per image.

Click HERE for the overview of all our colors. Watch out! It may be that your display does not show exactly the right color.. Want to make sure you order the right color? Then buy the color swatch HERE and receive the purchase amount as a discount on your next order.
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We design all our wall stickers ourselves.
Isn’t your desired design part of it?
Would you rather have bigger or smaller stickers?
Please contact us and we will make it all to your liking!

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Sticker kleur

Aqua groen, Blauw, Bos groen, Briljant blauw, Bruin, Donker blauw, Donker grijs, Geel, Goud, Gras groen, Grijs, Groen, Hot pink, Licht blauw, Licht geel, Licht grijs, Mint, Oranje, Oranje-bruin, Paars, Pastel blauw, Rood, Roze, Warm geel, Wit, Zacht roze, Zilver, Zwart