Clean-up stickers clothing sizes (various colors)


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Clean-up stickers clothing sizes (various colors)
Do you have that, too? There is no fine structure in cleaning up too big/too small clothes.
If you’re looking for something, it turns out your baby doesn’t fit anymore.
No stress! There’s a solution to that.

Do you want everything nicely sorted and structured? Then get started with our storage stickers. In an instant you stick the right stickers on each storage bin and it is clear what size clothing is in which bin!
The stickers are very easy to apply and suitable for all smooth surfaces.
For more information, read the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) HERE

On one sheet of 15x15cm Clean-up stickers clothing sizes (various colors) is the following:
9 stickers with a diameter of 4.5 cm:
1x size 50/56
1x size 62/68
1x size 74/80
1x size 86/92
1x size 98/104
1x size 110/116
1x size 122/128
1x size 134/140
1x size 146/152

The sheets are available in all 30 colours, also in silver and gold, one color stickers per sheet.
Our stickers come in matte sticker material. Do you want shiny? Let us know!

Click HERE for the overview of all our colors. Watch out! It may be that your display does not show exactly the right color.. Want to make sure you order the right color? Then buy the color swatch HERE and receive the purchase amount as a discount on your next order.

We design all (wall) stickers ourselves.

Isn’t the design you want?
Would you rather have bigger or smaller stickers?
Do you have another question?
Please contact us and we will make it all to your liking!

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