Foreign visitor?

Foreign visitors
Great that you’ve found us! StudioJong is a Dutch website for a diversity of stickers for children. At StudioJong you will find the nicest wall- interior- and playstickers. All the stickers are designed and made by me, Marchien.
You don’t speak Dutch, but have found some irresistible products on our website and are ready to order? No problem! Shortly you will find helpful information about us, including ordering, payment and delivery options.
Can’t wait? Then just e-mail or contact us via whats-app and we will help you through the ordering process.

Worldwide shipping!
StudioJong sends its products to any address around the world. If you live in Europe the shipping costs are €8.40 for a envelope and €13.00 for a package. Do you live in another part of the world, in that case is the shipping is €8,40 for a envelope and €24,30 for a package.

When can I expect my order?
We understand that you want your order soon rather than later. Orders will be send within 48hours. Shopping in weekends? Then we’ll send your order on mondays.

• sticker kleur = color of the stickers
• aantal = number
• formaat stickervel = size of the sheet

• in winkelmand = put in shoppingbasket (first step in our order process)
• doorgaan naar afrekenen = checkout / cash register (second step in our order process)
• bestelling plaatsen = finish your order (last step in our order process)

• voornaam/achternaam = first name/family name
• straat = streetname
• postcode = zipcode
• plaats = city
• telefoon = telephone number

There are several ways to pay for your StudioJong-order. Ofcourse they’re all safe and ofcourse we offer payment methods for our international guests. You can pay with Bancontact/Mister Cash, iDEAL and Paypal. After succesfull payment, you’ll receive a confirmation. You’ll get antother notice when the order is shipped.
Want to pay otherwise? You can always transfer the money to our bankaccount. Put your customernumber in the comments box. For international payments use IBAN NL84 KNAB 0255 7166 80 and SWIFT- or BIC-code KNABNL2H.

Found other Dutch words on our website that are hard to translate? Let us know! We’ll explain it to you and personally help you through the process of ordering. And of course we’ll add those words to this StudioJong-dictionary.

Happy shopping!
Marchien de Jong
owner Studio Jong