Do the stickers leave glue residue?
Every wall is different and that makes it difficult to answer this question properly. We tested several walls and at one wall the sticker went off without difficulty and on some walls the sticker left light glue residue.

Can the wall stickers also be stuck on fleece wallpaper?
Yes, you can. You have to press the stickers every now and then. Because the sticker attaches less well to the wall, because the surface is not completely smooth, they will fall off the wall a little faster.

Is it possible to buy different colors wall stickers on one sheet?
No, unfortunately that’s not possible. If you want different color stickers you will have to purchase individual sheets. Are the existing sheets too big? Please contact us and see if we can deliver suitable tailor-made solutions.

How long will the stickers stay beautiful?
The color fastness of the stickers is 3 years, before then they should not discolor.

Can the stickers be used several times?
The stickers on the walls are in most cases more common to use. Carefully loosen them with tweezers or something like that on all edges. Then gently pull the stickers off completely. The shorter the sticker on the wall, the easier it is to remove.